What Are The Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete?

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What Are The Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete?

10 January 2023
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If you want to use ready-mixed concrete on your site, then it's worth considering using a volumetric delivery service. How do these services work? What are their benefits? 

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

If you order a regular concrete ready mix, then your supplier mixes the concrete off-site. You tell them which mix you want and how much you need. They then deliver the wet concrete in a mixer truck to your job site.

If you use a volumetric product, then you still get ready-mix concrete. However, your supplier mixes the concrete in a specialized truck when they arrive at your site.

Here, the truck contains everything they need to mix concrete to your specifications. Once it arrives, its driver programs the mix's formula into a control center to start the production process.

Why Use Volumetric Concrete?

Regular ready-mix concrete supplies can work well; however, they do have some downsides. For example, you have to order a specific volume of concrete for your job. This can be limiting.

If you order too much mix, then any excess concrete is wasted. You'll still have to pay for it. However, if you don't order enough concrete, then you'll have to place another order. You might have to stop work until your supplier can mix more concrete off-site and deliver it to you.

Plus, you can't make changes to the concrete once it is mixed. You won't be able to add additives to the mix if you suddenly realize that the concrete needs extra features. You can't tweak the mix to compensate for unexpected weather changes.

Volumetric concrete doesn't have any of these downsides. You do have to wait a short time for your first mix to be made when the truck arrives on site; however, you get much more flexibility.

For example, you will get accurate and true concrete costs. You only pay for the concrete you actually use from a volumetric supply.

So, you won't waste any mix or pay too much for the concrete you actually use. You won't have to wait for new supplies if you use more mix than your original order. Volumetric trucks can produce higher volumes of concrete than a ready-mix truck can carry, so they are ideal for larger volume work.

Plus, you can change the properties of a volumetric mix at any time. If you realize that you need an additive, such as a retarding agent, then you simply add it to the mix.

To find out more about volumetric services, contact a ready-mix concrete supplier.