Properly Caring For Your Cement Staircase

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Properly Caring For Your Cement Staircase

9 March 2017
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If you have a cement staircase leading toward your business' front entryway, you most likely want to keep it looking favorable to those who come to your establishment. There are several steps that can be taken to help keep your concrete in the best condition. Here are some tips a business owner can try to help keep their concrete staircase aesthetically and structurally pleasing for as long as possible.

Remove Debris To Help In the Avoidance Of Damage

If moisture accumulates on one of your cement steps, it can lead to cracking and pitting of the structure over time. To help keep your cement steps as strong as possible, the removal of debris will be necessary. Take the time to wash your steps every day or so to remove any dirt before it has a chance to harden. This can be done with a garden hose. A cement cleaning agent can also be applied to the staircase at this time to revitalize the cement's appearance.

Minimize The Risk Of Staining Of The Steps

Cement can become stained if the wrong materials are left on it for an extended time. Avoid using chemical agents on your staircase so the appearance of your steps do not fade or become damaged from harsh additives. It is best to look at the ingredient list of any cleaning agent you intend to use on your staircase to ensure it is safe for cement beforehand. If stains do become present, they can be eliminated by scrubbing the cement with a soft-bristled brush and a stain remover made for concrete or cement surfaces.

Add A Layer Of Protection To Your Staircase

If you find your steps are suffering from debris accumulation, you may want to consider adding a protective layer to the cement to help keep it from becoming discolored. A cement sealant can be applied directly to the staircase. This additive can be brushed over the cement steps with a paintbrush. If you wish to mask potential staining, you can add colored cement paint before adding the sealant.

Trim Back Foliage To Help Keep Steps Clear

It is important to keep debris off your cement staircase so debris does not accumulate on the steps your associates will be using. Trim back tree limbs and cut bushes so there are no overhanging branches near the cement steps. This will keep your steps from getting dirty too quickly as well.

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