3 Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Gravel Driveway Installation

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3 Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Gravel Driveway Installation

15 March 2017
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A gravel driveway is a cost effective option for your home. Unfortunately, if you make mistakes with the driveway, you could end up having to reconstruct your driveway in the near future. To avoid this, here are some planning and installation mistakes you should avoid making.  

Choosing the Wrong Gravel

Before you start the construction of your gravel driveway, you need to choose the right gravel. One of the most important things to remember is not all gravel is the same. There are different sizes and shapes of gravel available and choosing the wrong one could mean that your driveway does not offer the support that is needed.  

Ideally, the gravel you choose for the top layer should be smaller pieces that have sharp edges. On the bottom layer of your driveway, you will need larger pieces. Pieces that are about three to four inches offer the support needed. A local gravel hauling service undoubtedly has pieces that are the right size and shape in the color that you want for your driveway.  

Failing to Prepare the Ground

Prior to the arrival of your materials from the gravel hauling service, you need to prepare the ground for the installation of the driveway. If the foundation of the driveway is not stable, the gravel will not be. Preparing the driveway can be a time-consuming step, but it is one that is necessary.  

Part of the preparations needs to include removing any greenery, large rocks, and top soil that is the location. The area needs to be compacted so that it is solid and ready for the placement of the gravel. Remember, the base layers of the gravel driveway need to be compacted again before adding the smaller top layer pieces.  

Leaving Drainage Out of the Plans

Drainage is a problem for any type of driveway, but especially a gravel driveway. Any water that pools up on or near the driveway could lead to the gravel pieces being washed away. As a result, the driveway will not be as stable as it should be.  

You need to ensure that you have included a path for water to flow off the drive and away from it. Be careful when designing the drainage. You do not want the water flowing back towards your home and causing foundation problems.  

Work with professionals, such as those at Reis Concrete Products, to ensure you have covered all your bases when constructing your new driveway.