Why Gas Station Owners Should Consider Stone Bathroom Tiles For Their Remodeling Process

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Why Gas Station Owners Should Consider Stone Bathroom Tiles For Their Remodeling Process

21 April 2017
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Gas station bathrooms often get a bad rap, mostly because few owners pay special attention to them. However, a bathroom remodeling process using stone floor tiles are a major benefit to any gas station owner.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Stone Flooring

A gas station owner debating stone flooring for their bathroom has a lot to consider. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this type of flooring. For example, the benefits of stone flooring for a bathroom in a gas station include the following:

  • More durable than ceramic flooring – in some instances, it can last as long as a century
  • Eco-friendly – stones tiles are ecologically easier to make than ceramic tiles
  • Increased value for the gas station – in case the owner wants to sell their gas station, the stone tiles will increase the sale price

That said, there are disadvantages to stone flooring. For example, it must be cleaned and washed every day to avoid deterioration. However, that kind of maintenance needs to be performed in a gas station any way, so that problem is easy to ignore.

The Cost Is Reasonable

Does stone bathroom tiling cost more than ceramic tiling? Yes, and this needs to be carefully considered. For example, it is estimated that ceramic tiling costs as much as $3.00 per square foot. Natural stone will cost about $7.50 square foot. The price difference here is something that should be considered by all gas station owners. For example, a 20-square foot bathroom with ceramic tile will cost $60, while a stone one will cost $150.

Is that extra price worth it for the gas station owner? Yes, as stone tiles last longer and look better than ceramic tiles. They create an awesome variety of styles that are hard to get in any other way. Examples of stone tile versatility will be outlined in more depth below.

It Is Also Versatile

There are many different ways that stone bathroom tiles can be used in a remodeling process. Why is it a good idea for a gas station restroom? First of all, stone tiles will create a classier look that makes the bathroom stand out from other gas stations in the area. As a result, more people will enjoy using the bathroom and will feel more comfortable inside.

However, stone can also be used in a variety of different ways. For example, stone can be laid in a solid form that is reliable and sturdy. However, it can also be laid in different tile formations to create unique looks. For example, the logo of the gas station could be recreated with colored stones for a floor-fashion boost.

For those who are looking to create a whole new style for their gas station restroom, stone is a great investment. While it may cost a little more than ceramic, the style boost is ultimately a benefit that can't be resisted.