Tips For Making A Solid Gravel Or Crushed Stone Driveway

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Tips For Making A Solid Gravel Or Crushed Stone Driveway

27 April 2017
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If you are building a custom home in a rural area where snow prevents you from installing a concrete or asphalt driveway, then a gravel or crushed stone driveway is an excellent option. However, it is essential that you install the driveway properly and use the right rock product for its surface. An incorrectly installed driveway will not last more than a couple of winters and one made of the wrong rock will cause its own set of issues. To this end, here are some tips to ensure that your gravel or crushed stone driveway is solid and lasts for many years to come:

Tip: Make Sure the Driveway is Properly Graded and a Proper Base Layer is Installed

Just as with painting your home, preparation is the key to a stable rock driveway surface. If you don't grade the driveway right or install a base layer of rock before you spread your gravel or crushed stone, then the driveway will look good for about a month and then it will start to have major problems.

To prevent a quick degradation of your new driveway, take the time to properly grade the entire driveway and provide adequate channels for drain water. Once the driveway is graded, then install a thick layer of base rock for soil stability and to ensure that your decorative stone doesn't sink down into the soil after the first rainstorm.

Tip: Consider the Look You are Trying to Achieve Before Visiting the Gravel Quarry

Before you head out to the local gravel quarry to order your driveway's gravel or stone, first, you need to take some time to think about how you want the driveway to look. Are there certain colors of rock that will look better with your home and landscaping than others will? Do you want a softer look that can be achieved with river gravel or do you want the bolder appearance of bright red lava rock? It is important to think about this before you go to the quarry, because you will find many different types of rocks there that you like, but it is important that you select the one that best fits the look of your property.

Tip: Use the Right Size of Gravel or Crushed Stone for the Driveway Surface

Finally, it is vitally important that you select the proper size of gravel or crushed stone for your new home's driveway surface. For example, pea gravel is too small for a large driveway and river cobble is too large. Gravel that is too small will cause your car to slide around and gravel too large will be bumpy when you drive over it. A good rule of thumb is that driveway gravel should be no larger or smaller than 1-2 inches in diameter. 

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