4 Types Of Basic Concrete Equipment

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4 Types Of Basic Concrete Equipment

27 June 2017
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If you need some concrete equipment to supplement or get your residential concrete staining business going, here is a quick overview of the four most basic types of concrete that you are going to need to potential invest in.

#1 Shotcrete Machine

If you plan on doing a lot of major construction projects that involve the use of concrete, you may want to invest in a shotcrete machine. A shotcrete machine is designed to spray concrete. The machine is also relatively small and mobile. It is great to use for really specific projects, such as filing in a construction tunnel or applying cement to a create a swimming pool. It can be a valuable tool that allows you to put down both wet and dry concrete in tricky and unique situations.

#2 Concrete Pump

Another great tool that will allow you to quickly get concrete down when on a construction site is a concrete pump. These are generally a little larger pieces of equipment, and are generally mounted onto either a truck or trailer in order to make it easier to move this particular piece of equipment. A concrete pump is a great way to move concrete at a fast pace and can really cut down on the labor involved with moving concrete.

#3 Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer is different than a concrete pump. It is designed to mix up the materials needed to create concrete in order to produce a uniform concrete solution. A concrete pump, on the other hand, is designed to help move already made concrete around your construction site. If you need to mix your own cement, this can really cut down on labor time and it can help ensure that your concrete is uniform across your construction site. It is important to have uniform concrete that is up to code when using concrete for building purposes, and concrete mixers are one way to ensure that your concrete meets building codes.

#4 Concrete Batching Plant

Another way that you can mix up your concrete solutions for your construction projects is with a concrete batching plant. This piece of equipment, similar to the concrete mixer, allows you to accurately mix up your concrete and get the right combination. It also helps cut down on concrete waste as well and helps ensure that you get as much usage as possible out of your concrete. It can be a good way to save money on the concrete creation process.