Three Fun Things You Can Create With Ready Mix Concrete

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Have you ever thought about what that boring cement driveway looks like from the street? Although it might seem like a lost cause, professional concrete contractors can transform even the most boring driveway into an integral part of your home's curb appeal. By adding interesting borders, carving designs into the concrete, or staining the surface, contractors can add a touch of interest to your walkway, driveway, or patio. My blog is all about helping you to discover all the ways professionals might be able to help, so that you can make your yard truly special. After all, don't you want your house to stand out?

Three Fun Things You Can Create With Ready Mix Concrete

8 September 2017
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If you have children and you are trying to come up with some ways to add fun areas around your yard for them to enjoy with their friends, or even by themselves, then you can use some ready mix concrete to create some fun spots for your children to enjoy themselves. Here are three projects you can do with ready mix concrete for your children:

You can put up a tetherball for your children to play - You can purchase a tetherball kit from most toy or big box stores. This kit will come to you with the pole, the rope, and the tetherball. However, if you put the pole down into the ground it will only come loose after a bit of throwing the ball around and the whole thing will topple over. Therefore, you can use ready mix cement to make a base. You can pour the cement into a tire that has the bottom lined with plastic so the cement doesn't go everywhere. Once the cement has slightly hardened then you can put the pole down into the center of it. Either find a way to balance it in place or take turns with others holding it still until the cement dries enough to support the pole.

You can create a sidewalk chalk spot for your children to be creative – If you don't want your child playing on your driveway, which can be dangerous, then you can create a spot anywhere in the yard for them that you feel is safe and that allows you to keep your eyes on them. You want to remove at least a few square feet of the grass or dirt (at least four inches deep) and then lay down a thick sheet of plastic. Pour the ready mix cement and use a squeegee to make sure it is smooth. Once it is dry your child can play on the cement slab with sidewalk chalk and they can even make a hopscotch game to play with their friends when they want.

You can make a variety of stepping stones with your child – You can use all different sizes and shapes of pie tins, cake pans, and other metal containers to make a variety of stepping stones. Simply coat the pans with cooking spray and then pour the cement in and decorate it any way you want with your child. They can take the dry stepping stones and place them around their play area or display them any other way they want.  

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