Signs of Foundation Issues You Should Watch out For

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Signs of Foundation Issues You Should Watch out For

27 November 2019
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The foundation of anything is at the base and is usually the strongest component, and your home's foundation is no different. The foundation of your home is what holds your entire home together and keeps it level to prevent issues. If you have foundation problems, you will need a foundation repair company to help you make the repairs. This is a very big job and one that you should not attempt to do on your own. Read on for a few foundation issues that you should watch out for.


Minor foundation cracks can lead to much larger cracks, which can result in a crumbling foundation if you aren't careful. If your foundation has cracks in it, you can repair these minor cracks before they get worse. To repair minor cracks, use a chisel to remove loose concrete, then use a wire brush to clean the crack out. Finally, take concrete caulk or ready-mix concrete and fill in the crack. Smooth it out with a straight-edge such as a scraper. Keep an eye on the repaired area to be sure the concrete adheres properly and that the crack doesn't get any larger.


If your foundation is crumbling, it's a problem that you shouldn't repair yourself. A crumbling foundation is going to need a lot of work, and it should be left to a foundation repair company. A crumbling foundation can cause your home to start leaning, which means it won't be safe to stay in any longer. Call a professional repair company to inspect your home and your foundation to see if it can be repaired.

Cracks in Your Walls or Un-Level Floors

If you are beginning to see cracks in your walls, it could be due to your foundation being un-level. If this is the case, you may also notice that your floors are sagging or just look a bit off. Other areas of your home may also have noticeable issues such as your doors not closing properly. If you spot any of these issues, call a foundation repair company to inspect your home and check to see if it is level. You can check how level your floors are, but a foundation company can check your foundation and will let you know if it can be leveled out.

If you have spotted any of these issues, they could be the result of a foundation problem. Don't attempt to repair your foundation yourself; contact a local foundation repair service such as Atlas Master Co.