Precision Concrete Cutting When Doing Renovations To Commercial Property

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Precision Concrete Cutting When Doing Renovations To Commercial Property

22 December 2020
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When you need to do renovations to your business, changes will be made to the structure and mechanical systems. Some of the work that needs to be done is going to be in existing concrete. Therefore, precision cutting may need to be done to make adjustments for renovations to your property. The following guide to precision concrete cutting will help with your commercial renovation project.

Precision Cutting to Change Openings

The windows and doors in a commercial building may be old and outdated. If they are installed in old concrete and masonry, cutting is going to need to be done to make changes like installing glass. The concrete cutting service can make the changes to openings where existing concrete and masonry materials are in the way. The cutting service can work closely with other contractors to ensure the changes are done correctly and the structural integrity of the building is not affected.

Creating Precision Holes for Installing Mechanical Systems

There are occasions when you need to drill holes for the installation of mechanical systems. It is important that professional cutting services does the drilling. The cutting service will evaluate the concrete to plan the drilling of holes. This will ensure that the structural integrity of concrete is not compromised due to the holes being drilled. When installing large mechanical systems like ducts for air and ventilation, planning before cutting the holes is important.

Cutting Concrete Slabs to Install Plumbing and Conduit

There are also mechanical systems that often need to be installed below concrete slabs. The problem with this is that old concrete can be very hard, and there may be structural footing beams beneath the slab. Therefore, the cutting will need to be done to the slabs, and planning is done to install pipes and plumbing around footing beams.

Precision Concrete Cutting to Make Structural Changes to Buildings

There may also be structural changes that you are planning for commercial buildings. Therefore, some of the old concrete materials may need to be removed. The cutting service will cut the areas where materials need to be removed to make the changes. This is needed if you add to the structure and there are existing walls and other structural components that need to be moved.

The concrete cutting is an important step when doing renovations to a commercial property. Contact a concrete cutting service for help with getting the work done for the changes you are planning.