3 Benefits of Crawlspace Foundation Repair

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3 Benefits of Crawlspace Foundation Repair

7 December 2021
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For most households, crawlspaces are dingy sections of the house people would rather not enter. On one hand, this is understandable because the constricting nature of crawlspaces can make one feel claustrophobic. However, if you don't like being in your crawlspaces because they're wet and dirty, it's about time you enlisted crawlspace foundation repair.

While crawlspaces get encapsulated during construction, the waterproofing gets compromised over the years and you must repair any damages sustained. Thankfully, you don't have to undertake crawlspace restoration alone; you can hire a company with crawlspace foundation repair technicians like Atlas Master Co. Continue reading to learn the benefits of crawlspace foundation repair.

Protects Your Home Structure

Since your home's foundation is what keeps the house's structure steady, you should spare no expense in preserving its integrity. A surefire way of ensuring your home's foundation isn't compromised is re-encapsulating the crawlspaces to ensure there are no loopholes for runoff water to soak into the house's subbase.

Failure to protect your foundation from moisture will eventually cause your wooden home structure to rot and pose a potential safety hazard at your residence. When the structure of the house is compromised, the house can easily cave in.

So if you have damp crawlspaces, this is your cue to commission crawlspace foundation repair before the moisture penetrates your foundation and weakens it. The key to increasing your home's lifespan is keeping your concrete foundation dry. This way, the stability of the rest of the house isn't threatened.

Maintain Healthy Indoor Spaces

A common side effect of excess moisture in indoor spaces is mold growth. And while you might not consider crawlspaces as living spaces, they're part of your house and their condition affects your indoor environment. So if there's mold growing in your crawlspaces because the waterproofing has been compromised, your family will likely feel the effects of this notorious fungi.

Your HVAC system will circulate the mold dust being generated in your crawlspaces throughout your home, perpetuating a vicious cycle of recurring allergies and respiratory infections. To end this cycle, you should commission crawlspace foundation repair and let professionals nip the problem in the bud. Restoring the airtight seal in your crawlspaces allows you to maintain a dry foundation area that does not encourage mold growth. This means no one will suffer the consequences of constantly inhaling mold dust.

Boost Your Home's Energy Performance

Another reason for commissioning crawlspace foundation repair is to restore the insulating encapsulating seal around your foundation area. This way, there won't be heat exchange between your indoor spaces and the surrounding outdoor environment. As a result, your HVAC unit won't have to consume more energy than is required to maintain desirable indoor temperatures because the weather outside keeps compromising indoor comfort.

If the encapsulating sealing in your crawlspaces is compromised, this is your cue to commission crawlspace foundation repair.