Recognizing The Signs Of Foundation Damage

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Recognizing The Signs Of Foundation Damage

22 February 2023
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As a homeowner, it is essential to identify and address foundation problems early. Foundation issues that go unchecked can lead to serious structural damage and reduce the value of your property. Fortunately, there are several signs to watch for that can indicate foundation problems.

A Chimney That Has Started To Lean

Leaning chimneys are a common sign of foundation problems. A chimney that is not upright can indicate that the foundation is potentially failing. In addition to indicating a foundation issue, a leaning chimney can pose significant risks to your property. It could cause extensive damage to the home and severe injuries to the occupants if it were to collapse. If your chimney is leaning, it is crucial to seek professional help immediately. A concrete contractor can determine whether the issue is related to the home's foundation. They may also be able to assist with repairing and restoring the chimney.

There Are Visible Signs Of Soil Movement Or Erosion

Soil movement and erosion can cause significant foundation problems. Heavy rainfall and poor drainage contribute to substantial soil movement and erosion issues. In addition to washing the soil away from your home's exterior, sloping floors can indicate an erosion problem under or around the foundation.

If you notice signs of soil movement or erosion, professional help is urgently required. The contractor will thoroughly assess the damage to the foundation so they can recommend the appropriate upgrades. This may include the installation of drainage solutions to keep runoff from pooling near the house.

Tree Roots Near Your Home's Foundation

Tree roots are an underappreciated threat to foundations. As roots grow and expand, they can cause cracks in the foundation by uplifting the soil under it. Eventually, this stress causes deep cracks to develop throughout the foundation. If you notice that roots are encroaching near your foundation, a damage inspection is needed. In some cases, the roots may need to be removed from the area to prevent damage. Additionally, you can install root barriers to keep the roots from getting too close to the foundation. This barrier must extend entirely around your home and go deep enough into the ground to prevent roots from easily circumventing it.  

Identifying foundation problems is essential to maintaining your property's value and structural integrity. Leaning chimneys, visible soil movement or erosion, and tree root damage or encroachment are three common signs of foundation problems. A concrete contractor can evaluate the situation and recommend the best action to prevent further damage and stabilize your property.

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